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What Is WooWoo Junction About?

Now that WooWooJunction.net is up and live, how did I get here? Clif High may have been the first person I heard talking about woowoo casually. I picked that up. It carries the implication of mysterious, occult, metaphysical, not mainstream reality. Now I use the same term for a catch all for many things. What do they have in common? 

1 They are outside the consensus reality of mainstream materialistic, scientistic thought.

2. They often have a relationship to subtle energy or metaphysics, or both.

Elan the Woo Woo Blogger
Elan the Woo Woo Blogger

Here is my quick list of subjects that can be woowoo: astrology, harmonic astrology, numerology, grapho-analysis, forensic statement analysis, body language, Tarot cards, superfoods & supplements, synchronicity, secret space program, conspiracy ideas, acupuncture and acupressure, meridians and points, homeopathy, naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, frequency healing concepts, tuning fork therapy, Sedona release, The Release Technique, Dianetics and Scientology, body electronic point holding, reflexology, breath work, palmistry, pre-ancient civilization, yugas, mahabarata, Hopi four worlds, enuma elish, Atlantis-Mu-Lemuria, Gonawandaland, [take a breath and start a new paragraph]

Aliens, ETs, extended sculls, giants, chakras, aura photography, behavioral kinesiology testing, the ether and four elements, the three qualities-Law of Three, color therapy, chi and prana, animal spirit guides, astral projection-Bob Monroe, distance viewing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience,  intuition, medicine man, shaman, feng shui, Chinese zodiac, toning, Tibetan chanting multiphonics, sand art, meditation, meditation for peace, orgone muffins, charging plates, bioelectric shields, past life regression, hypnosis, gnosis, lunar cycle, biorhythm, cymatics, cell salts, Bach Flower remedies, archetypes, medical intuition, stones and crystals, grapho-therapy, energy freedom tapping, Byron Katie-the Work, expressive writing therapy, journaling, morning pages….well, ok, enough for right now.

Notes from Robert Phoenix’s webinar group will be my first series of posts. There may or may not be affiliate plays based on getting your horoscope done. Then numerology to set the record straight. Do we use the telephone number equivalents or take them from Scrabble? <heh heh> Let’s go with the Hindu or Chaldean number letter equivalents.

Intuition is a big player in my game. I have stories. I can go with this in a strong way. There would be some scientific studies by now. I may not have to completely face off with science. 

There is the interplay between systems of woowoo and more improvised impressions and intuitions. The reader is welcome to go either way. 

How does this apply to the theory of the Self? What psychology helps or hinders? I like Maslow’s hierarchy of values because it leads to self-actualization. The next step beyond that has to be woowoo.

Then there is the dualism of materialism and spirituality. Lots of material there.

What kind of person would like to read my blog? The one who is drawn to any of my list is a candidate. Maybe I can be more detailed about the Avatar of my work, the ideal reader and audience member. Most likely female. Moderately well read. Not struggling to get by so much that there is no time for speculative thought. If there was too much pressure, then reliance on a system would be more likely than an improvised approach. Or, maybe not. Have to think about this one.

Does well read mean college educated? Of course not. Income above average? Let’s say yes. I want my ideal reader to be able to purchase something they see and like. Especially if I offer it.

What are my ten topics for my grid? 1 Subtle Energy 2 Astrology 3 Music 4 Numerology 5 Superfoods and Supplements 6 Feng Shui 7 the Self 8 How the world works 9 Philosophy of Success 10 Relationships 11 Law of Three

All this and yet remaining a humble fiddler. And featherless biped, of course. Not to be confused with the Blue Avian Society.