Synthesizing Astrological Elements

Recall, as we move into this short essay of notes from Robert Phoenix’s webinar series in Astro-thinking, that these are not much more than raw notes. They may be of interest only to me. But there are nuggets in them that might satisfy the astro-hungry.

Robert Phoenix is tweaking his categories as he goes. This week was to be about Metaphor. It turned out to be about synthesis. Astrology, he tells us is all about synthesis. He pulled a chart of the moment from astrodienst. It was different from what I had made earlier, since he lives in Texas. Because I live in Florida, the house placement in the chart was different. The Key Word I chose based on the Ascendent were not appropriate for his location. I accepted that the KeyWords I produced applied mainly to me.

Godzilla forgot to bring his ticket to the Chinese laundry
Godzilla forgot to bring his ticket to the Chinese laundry

The Ascendent-Sun trine combined Chinese Laundry 22° Sag with Protected or Hidden Burden 23° Aries. That was for me. During the presentation I thought briefly I could do readings for people. That’s what I must protect against. That’s not for me.

His goal: combine elements for insight. He invited us to share our Key Words, I was first. One or two others chimed in. I didn’t see any reference to significators for the words. Maybe I missed it. He told us to play with words and phrases for our own astro glossolalia.

Bringing Two Astro Elements Together

Theme synthesis, two things together. Like a composite chart of two people that shows midpoints between planets or signifiers. Transits synthesize present and past.  He cited ee cummings poetry as a whole poem, shown by Robert Graves, but stripped down to essentials. His fragmented poems were cyphers.

Synthesis and fusion is typified by Cancer, Yin Yang, thought and feeling. Then, there is synesthesia, where input to one sense has manifestation in another sense. He cited John Keats, the poet, as an example of making a big deal out of this. Having his chart up he asked what indicated the synesthesia. I jumped in with Neptune and the Sun connjunction and he certified that, but found the True Node in Cancer to tell the tale. 23° in Sabian was the tell.

Astro-systhesis in Sports

He brought up a recent incident in the sports world where there was to be a three way exchange of players. But the deal fell through because of confusion over two players who were both named Brooks. MarShon Brooks and Dillon Brooks. The refusing team management wanted Dillon not MarShon. The Lion not the son of Mars. The two players have strong aspects together. Both are Sun in Capricorn, and further the True Node at 5° is conjunct the Venus at 8°. Very strong for close personal relationship.

When two Suns are conjunct they form a Vesica Pisces. The overlap section is the yoni, source of creation. Aquarius, the 11th House Water Bearer, is pouring the contents of the previous houses into the 12th House. Why is Pisces so complex? That’s the reason.

He demonstrated how to use and browse an ephemeris.–Astrodienst, has an ephemeris. I just registered on the site but know little about it.

He likes the True Node in preference to Mean Node or North Node. This is another area of my ignorance. He reviewed part of last week that I missed while I was rooting around for the power cord. The Black Hyper cube in Mecca, the Kabba was there before Islam. Associated with Saturn or Chronos, and called the Black Sun. It was a temple devoted to Jubal, half brother of Tubal-Cain, a semi-deity for the Masons. Jubilee, or the Year of the Jubilo comes from Jubal.

Don’t Be Late for Saturnalia Week

Then there’s Sun Ra. born 1914 and left his body temporarily in 1932 or 33 to visit Saturn. His natal Sun conjuncts Saturn in Gemini. And the new Amazon Fire TV is a black cube that employs Alexa to take spoken commands. And there is the Saturnalia, a festival to Saturn that led to lots of drinking, gambling, and free sex. Slaves were allowed to go out and do what they wished. The norm was to insult and ridicule the owners. It went from Dec. 17th to the 23rd. There were gifts exchanged, usually funny items. In Greece it was the Kronia festival. This was near the Tropic of Cancer, while the Saturnalia is near the Tropic of Capricorn.

Finally in response to questions about future events. He said he hopes that Martial Law is not declared. And about crypto currencies, he first commented that he found that gold would typically spike in August, when the Sun was in Leo. He thought that the days of wild ups and downs may be replaced by regulation of the cryptos. 

Our assignment was to notice new examples in the media and commercials, showing a symbol of Saturn. Like the Amazon Fire Cube. Or something with rings around a sphere.

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