Thinking Symbolically in Archetypes

The first presentation by Robert Phoenix was a deep dive into astrology. He had a recurring theme of thinking astrologically. In the middle of his presentation he interpolated an idea that was maybe unplanned. He was speaking of Mars and Neptune. So, he found an image of Aquaman from the new movie. The opening of the movie coincides with the conjunction of Mars and Neptune. He believes it will do well.

The Hero when Mars and Neptune work together

He introduced the program by saying he wanted to do something like he did on the 11th House for Gaia. Adding some vibrations, emanations, and thinking astrologically and beyond. His goal is to help listeners fine tune their perception, look at the external and see a pattern emerge from the detail.

His system is definite, it’s the Placidus Western Mundane system. By mundane he means world events as part of the larger cycle. He compared that to the equal house system and the Vedic system. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is a powerful influence now. On both the mundane and the personal.

What the Decans Tell

He went over Decans in the signs. About 10 degrees, really a little less because of the math. The first ten are the sign itself. Capricorn has Saturn in the 9th degree so it is still in Capricorn decan. When it passes 10 it will be in the 2nd Decan, which is Taurus. This promises effects in banking, the arts and financials, money and hard assets. When it gets to about 20 it will be in the Virgo Decan and that will affects food and agriculture.

He says planets in their own sign doubles their power. [For me that is Mars in Aries, Mercury in Gemini.]  Somehow the 2nd Decan of Cap with Taurus signals the end of an age. And he made a nice pun: synchronistic and synchromystic.

By thinking this way we get to an Ah Ha moment and start making Connections. That ties in to the Archetypal Now and Living Myths. And this is where Aquaman shows up as Mars and Neptune conjunct in Pisces.

Activate Your Aspect

He recommends activating aspects to take advantage of these cycles in the world and the omniverse. His example is from the chart for today. Mercury went direct at 27° Scorpio and the Moon is at 1° Capricorn. The Sabian symbol for 28° the King of Fam[or?] Returns to his home. Again, Aquaman, an instance of Mind Mythos. The Moon was “Time Feel” and the Sun at 16° Capricorn was “Pioneering Expanse”. These are experiments in coming up with short phrases to denominate the significance of the signifiers. And somewhere he made a distinction between symbols and sigils.

As he took up later, this is our Homework. To find Key Words for the day of the next week when we meet again.

This is the last Saturn cycle. [Why? I don’t know.] It’s the Augur of the End of Time. Not as bad as it sounds. It’s the completion of a cycle. There were references to Strauss and Howe with the Fourth Turning.

And a reference to Reading Clock–relationship with time. And Carvona to buy a car. Saturn in Capricorn signals the Atrophy of the Age. [And that must be the key signifier. Saturn rules Capricorn and rules Time. That’s why this signals a change.]

On Saturn’s Previous Trip through Capricorn

Here are some previous passages of Saturn through Capricorn. 1988–1991 when the world map was redrawn. Fall of the Berlin Wall. Invasion of Iraq.

He sees the 30 year cycle as a generation. (Strauss and Howe say 20.) And now some numerology: 11-9-17 the Bolshevik Revolution, then 72 years later the Wall goes down. And 7 + 2 = 9, end of the cycle. And by the way, Trump elected 11-9-16 99 years later, also a 9. 27 years since 1989 and the end of global expansion. Phoenix is calling this a new century.

Bush spoke of the NWO on 1-29-91 when Saturn was 28° in Cap. [There were several other specific references that I wrote ambiguously.] Then Pompeo, Secretary of War, or Something, on 12-4-18 spoke of the New Liberal Order to eclipse Bush, who had passed away a few days before. And Pompeo was born on a solar eclipse.

The 4th Turning of Strauss? and Howe!

This is the Fourth Turning for Phoenix. Upheaval, replacement, high awakening, unraveling. [At this point my laptop ran out of battery. While I was scrambling around to plug it in Robert Phoenix discussed the hypercube. I don’t know what was said.] There was a little bit I heard that may have tied in about the Black Sun. Which is Saturn.

Then some Q and A. I asked about the overlap with Pisces and Aquarius in the change of age. My point was, how do we know when Aquarius is dominant. He said there was both a dark and a light aspect to the Aquarian age. The dark part is trans-humanism, articicial intelligence, planetary control grid. The brighter part was general awakening, new hope, the 11th house at its best.

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    This is a great post–but then again, I’m a little biased. You were a superb addition to the class. Your nascent prophetic skills made their debut in class two. Good stuff Elan.

      • elan
      • February 22, 2019

      My next astro-post will be notes from the Hidden Class Two!

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