Synthesizing Astrological Elements Recall, as we move into this short essay of notes from Robert Phoenix’s webinar series in Astro-thinking, that these are not much more than raw notes. They may be of interest only to me. But there are nuggets in them that might satisfy the astro-hungry. Robert Phoenix is tweaking his categories as […]

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Thinking Symbolically in Archetypes The first presentation by Robert Phoenix was a deep dive into astrology. He had a recurring theme of thinking astrologically. In the middle of his presentation he interpolated an idea that was maybe unplanned. He was speaking of Mars and Neptune. So, he found an image of Aquaman from the new […]

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Robert Phoenix Webinar

What is the Astro-Thinking Webinar Like? When I invested in Robert Phoenix’s six week group journey into higher mind, I didn’t know if this could be a big mistake. Maybe I’m just feeding the mind monster. Or, it may help lift me into a higher level of organization. Or, it may engender a more enjoyable […]

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