Robert Phoenix Webinar Notes

Symbolic Thinking in Astrology Today’s exercise in astrological thinking began with a reference to his previous day’s far cast about the Etruscans. They thought of everything as alive. (Making them vitalists.) Then he brought up the chart of the moment. He called it a bowl with a chip in it. There was his talk about […]

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Rabbit Hole Navigation

Rabbit Hole Navigation It’s a meme amongst alt-media, the rabbit hole. Sometimes in writing about a certain topic, the writer touches on an adjacent topic, saying they don’t want to go down that rabbit hole right now. So, what happens when you go down the rabbit hole? “Ask Alice. When she’s nine feet tall.” Alice […]

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Trump as Nimrod

Astro-revelations about the Chief Oopsie! I took in this webinar after the live fact, and that was fortunate. I had spaced out, never looked at my calendar, was playing fiddle tunes at the time of the meeting. Robert Phoenix began his presentation with a discussion about how I had said–things would be revealed that should […]

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