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After my first watching I noticed one hypothesis was not offered, not raised even for the purpose of shooting it down.  A hypothesis I have seen online in many comments and videos. It’s this: the malefactors of great wealth have a huge infrastructure of intelligence operations and operatives that do their bidding to keep people confused and believing in false stories. The constant churning of narratives and counter stories keeps people divided and upset. This does not happen by chance. This idea does not come up.

1 Scott Adams overstated the power of the ending. He exaggerated the Jordan Peterson part and built up the power of the last part. It was a guy giving the allegory of the cave and applying the story to the position of people who see the false narrative of the news. In this reading, the cave is our fixation on the media who are just shadows. Not clear is what the outside world is in this context. It misses the spiritual aspect of the allegory, which is undoubtedly what Plato intended.

2 Generally the presentation shows mainstream media to be untruthful. There are exceptions that are scattered through the program. Stories of mass shootings and other terrorist events are not examined or questioned for a moment. Are they hoaxes? I did not hear this question raised.

3 The message seems to be that we get victimized by our own belief system. Scott Adams states this as if it is an unquestionable truth. If we get beyond that then we are obligated to pester other people with our version of reality. I reject a moral obligation to make other people uncomfortable.

Second Viewing

Here are my detailed notes from the second watching. (They are a little sketchy from over-concision.) If you read this you can skip the documentary. The program starts with a segment relating to Comet Ping Pong Shooter and Hillary ridiculing the story, especially that any thing could happen in the nonexistent basement. The first reference to Fake News. Meaning the pedophilia story? Then “Danger and Play” and Mike Cernovich is introduced. He says plays up the role of bad guy because people misinterpret his words.

Scott Adams talks about persuasion and framing. How he uses Periscope to get his idea out fast so it claims the attention. Skilled persuaders go first. “Faked news written about me.” Says framing is sticky, how powerful fake news is. I watched his videos during the presidential campaign. He revealed his background in hypnotism and mind manipulation with pride.

Red Pill journalist Cassie Jaye knows her true story and knows she is lied about by the media. That reflexively threw her into the realization she had been buying lies from the media for all the time up till then. 

Back story: she began by filming documentaries with her mother about women’s issues. Got recognized and applauded. Did more, an LGBT one. Then went to a long work on Men’s Rights. She was hated and trashed for this. The smear opened her eyes. We need more whistleblowers.

Then Alex Jones, the war on and for our minds. The interview with Megan Kelly and proof she dissembled her intention to do a hit piece to get the interview, promising what she had no intention of delivering. Back to Cassie, smear campaigns are warnings to people, don’t do what she did.

Anthony Scaramucci, spokesperson for Trump was targeted. 1. Picking the target. 2 Stalking the target. They tried to find something on him. 3 Seducing the target. (Alex Jones) 4 Slice and dice. Therefore, media and fake news can ruin lives. (Whose life has been ruined in those shown so far? Not Alex Jones or Cassie Jaye.) Scott: we can’t see into people’s souls. Segment of Trump Monster. “Mexicans are rapists.” A moderate apologia for Trump. Meme story is incoherent and the media pushes it. (But not so incoherent it falls apart.) “National registry for Muslims” an example of a meme that evolves as journalists play the telephone game. 

Twitter is a fascination for journalists. Compare to head count for communism–100,000,000. Ref. Walter Duranty reporting stories to put Soviet Union in a good light. An argument against communism: hatred of owners, kulaks and bourgeoise. “Intellectuals spewed the propaganda they were fed.” “They cover up  for a regime that targets people like us,” (talking to Mike Douglas?) “If it comes into power, me, my family, my friends, we lose everything.”

News in the Good Old Days

very old printing press

Newspapers in their Golden Age of the 50s, hard hitting reporters. In the culture of the time objective reality does exist, and consequences for lying show up in the after life. From 1958 to 1970 papers go left. No cause is given. These considerations for change: the cultural revolution, a new generation comes into power and a liberal environment…many factors. {There is no suggestion that the person who owns the paper says, “Do this.”)

Segment cuts between JFK and Ike. “Vast conspiracy…using covert means.” placement of the quote and images suggest communism. (Mossad slogan, “By deception shall you do war.” Was this what JFK referred to?) Then Ike with the military industrial complex. Back and forth on the cuts. Why?

Babies taken from incubators story to start the Gulf War. Daughter of a Kuwaiti Crown Prince. And still blaming the reporters.

Miller: the Iraq nuclear story. And Gulf of Tonkin also a lie. Media is lockstep with Pentagon and State Dept. Luke Rudkowski. Project Mockingbird weaponizes news. Alex Jones: Jeff Bezos houses Pentagon servers, has Washington Post. (Some people say he was the front man for an intelligence project from the start.)

Udo Ulfkotte confesses he wrote stories intelligence told him to. Obama made it legal for intelligence to propagandize the American people. DAA 2013 or 2017. James O’Keefe, Project Veritas, undercover investigation, says investigative reporting has gone by the wayside. “They do what behooves their bottom line.” On CNN 16,000 references to Russia. “Powerful interests do not want things exposed as they actually are.” 

Media profits from war. (Image Paris attack.) Rule, never show dead children–too disturbing. After Syria gas attack, (without any real evidence) rule was ignored. “Beautiful pictures of weapons” and quoting Leonard Cohen. Udo U “War is never coming from itself. There is always people behind it who push for wars.” 

The Power of Images

The news is not the news. The news is propaganda. “Photographs are rhetoric.” In a song you don’t get the hook right away. But a photograph is immediate. The image is what persists, not the words. Cernovich goes to Hungary to see the refugee story. “Refugee hoax.” He uses FaceBook with video and it goes viral. Similarly, Tim Pool uses GoPro and his phone to record news. Trad media cannot match his speed even with ten or a hundred times the investment. He says the difference is “entrepreneurial attitude.” Example of protests at RNC are fake. 20 demonstrators and a hundred newsmen. At DNC real protests were ignored by media. Gavin McInnes: newspeople are lazy and don’t leave their desks.

James O’Keefe what gets produced is news. The Sanders Wikileaks reveal NY Times helping Podesta. Cernovich: The media and the Dems are one and the same, they’re all buddy-buddy. Scott: everybody believes the media on the other side is biased. Lauren Southern confesses bias. Tim Pool: journalists are more interested in winning and fitting in than being honest. (Did he forget what he said about entrepreneurial attitude earlier?) Trump winning the election–which side is fake news?

Ryan Holiday, Trust Me, I’m Lying.  and Cernovich Fun House Media downplays stories of Hillary’s health issues. Memes have consequences (visual cut to shooter prepping his weapon.) Context: Pizza as a code word from 4Chan. Scott: ‘If you look into the evidence for pizza gate it’s really compelling….But, it’s classic confirmation bias. Other people could look at it and say ‘What the hell are you talking about. I don’t see it.'” Alex Jones disclaimer. Cernovich: “the Comet Ping Pong Pizza Parlor shooting, which was by the way a very sad thing, the shooter had no connection to me.”

Podesta weird art. Ref to Dennis Hastert paid off victims of his pedophilia. Pizza Gate got out of control because the media refused to ask questions.  “Fake News” as a term or meme came up a month after the election. See Google Trends. First Draft, a web site and proponent of Fake News meme was funded from Google. How big silicon valley firms censor the news. Ref Euro countries–Sweden. Alex: “We’ve seen support grow” despite censorship (and smears that ruin lives).

Trump-CNN take down meme. Milo at Berkeley. Antifa started in Germany as the militant arm of the communist party. News narrative creates violence. What side should be afraid? Tim Pool: nobody’s going to back down.

The Film Gets Past the 2/3 Spot

Jordan Peterson: You have a mental map. The news updates you. There should be alignment between you and your world. Arrogant people believe that deception works. Not the case. When you act out of falsehood something terrible happens. (Cut to Assault rifle being prepared. The documentary is using the very techniques it decries.) Our axiomatic systems control and regulate our emotions. When something axiomatically impossible happens people scramble to avoid reviewing their world view. They avoid the archetypal descent to the underworld, to hell. That’s why people fight so hard to protect their social systems. A world view adjustment is a major revolution and you may not recover from it. (This section was a big deal for Scott Adams.)

Protesters in Charlotte. Everyone disdains Nazis with out questioning the psyop. Narration shows planned control from authorities in the event. Terry McAuliffe “State of emergency”. Then that terrible moment when the car drove into the crowd and mowed down people protesting the rally. Driver was shown apparently chanting a white power slogan. Cernovich: “We have neo nazi terrorists” and accepts the story uncritically. 

Hawk Newsome the Afro-American du jour to be pushed. Police misconduct, Black Lives callout and media twists. Tim Pool had to give up his coverage of Milwaukee because he was threatened as a white person. Back to Hawk Newsome showing interest in the other side of the story and gets it. Gives out his message. Jordan Peterson–your narrative should be “I’m constantly trying to go beyond the truth I already know.” The news funnel and the bubble we live in “We can’y even agree on reality anymore.” JP: Which of our partial realities is true and which is false. 

picture of the allegory of the cave from Plato
Getting out of the cave is not easy

Plato’s allegory of the cave. analogy to news provider logo images. The man leaving the cave sees the world as it is. What media tells us are the shadows on the wall of the cave. He tries to share his insight from above with his former companions in the cave. They fight with him. He faces the choice–go back out of the cave or keep trying to get to them. Stand and fight.

The cave is the manufactured reality of those who would control us by controlling what we think. But fundamentally you can’t control what someone thinks because once they think they are beyond your control. (That doesn’t really make sense.)

Let me wind this up by objecting to this way of looking at the allegory of the cave. Fact: Socrates had mystic visions, according to historical narrative. Fact: Plato had secret teachings that either could not or should not be revealed, according to neo-platonists. 

Conclusion: the allegory of the cave relates to the individual who rises above body consciousness and beholds the inner realm. He comes back to reveal it to those who have not risen above ordinary experience and gets condemned and reviled. This allegory has been repeated in history many times. True mystics, holy men and women, did not get soft treatment. I resent reducing the allegory of the cave to the ego level of news and fake news.

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