The Law of Three

Why the Law of Three?

The Law of Three. It doesn’t get any simpler than this, unless you include the Law of One. And yet, when I first began talking to friends and acquaintances about the Law of Three, I would see people’s eyes glaze over. They would change the subject without apparently being aware of it.

Three Little Pigs and the Law of Three

I began to feel that I was pulling the curtain back on a universal law, while a voice inside people’s heads was saying, “Don’t look at that man behind the curtain.”

The culmination of this experience came in the short time I spent teaching philosophy at a community college. It was an exciting opportunity for me, a dream held for decades finally realized. I presented, along with the ordinary ideas in the ethics text book, some unusual concepts believed to awaken the intuitive powers of the mind. The Infinity Walk was one. The Law of Three was another.

Working both sides of the brain would awaken their deeper powers of mind, I thought. But, it did not go over well. The students clearly wanted an ordinary instructor. They didn’t like the presentations, and they didn’t like me. An example of the reaction I got to unveiling the Law of Three: disinterest and boredom. As if it was too simple and too obvious to be worthy of focused thought.

Beware! It’s a Trap

That attitude is a mental trap, in my opinion. I believe this law, simple as it is, implies a profound and powerful forcer in our daily lives. If we understand this principle with automatic attention, and awareness whenever it is in operation, how can we not be more successful?

Everything in the universe is subject to three modes of being. 1 It comes into being, 2 It persists in being, 3 It changes its being. Everything is born, lives, and dies.┬áThat’s the essence of the Law of Three.

The best known icon for this law is the zodiac wheel. It has not changed significantly since it first appeared in ancient Sumer. It expressed the nature of things then, and it still does. The twelve signs of the zodiac express the four elements in three modes. The modes correspond to the law of three.

Law of Three in Astrology

First is the cardinal mode. That’s the start of the element under that mode. Then, the fixed mode denotes the element in its persistent state. The mutable mode shows the element in its changing state. To simplify it, cardinal, fixed, mutable is a fancy way of saying born, lives, and dies. Or starting, continuing, and changing.

In the philosophy of success, some presenters like Dan Kennedy and Mark Joyner will take the cardinal mode as the key. Action is the answer. Just get going.

Teachers in the tradition of earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor and Napolean Hill tell you to hold the vision in your mind, in a fixed way to realize your goal. That’s the fixed mode, clearly.

Only in recent years have we seen the changing mode utilized for success teachings. The Sedona release, the release technique of Larry Crane show how the third mode, the mutable mode can have an impact on getting what you want.

The Law of One and Two

Let’s add the Law of One to the Law of Three. The Law of One is Love. That’s what is behind everything, both in the material universe and the beyond. Let’s start things with love. Then continue our plan of action with love. When we change things, let love be the impetus behind the change. You start, hold on, and let go with love for yourself, others and the thing you are making.

What about the Law of Two? That would be Duality. In its simplistic form it is truth and falsehood. You can start with true intention. You can continue with truth at the center of your vision. You can even let go in truth. Do you truly not need what you are releasing? Are you truly letting go?

When you begin, the end is implied by the Law of Three. Even though we don’t know what the end is going to be. We don’t know how long our plan will persist before it needs to be changed.

Suppose you are holding on to a vision of how you want things to be. Then, suppose the vision is fulfilled. What happens to your vision then? Will it not change?

I have been aware of the Law of Three for a long time. I may not really understand it, though. It’s as if each area of beginning, maintaining, ending is a song. But, I have not understood all the kinds of songs there are, and I cannot recognize them.

The metaphor of song brings to mind the fundamental manifestation of love, the Law of One in the created universe. It is resonance or vibration. More simply it is vibration itself. The One manifests as every form of vibration of created substance. There are endless possibilities.

Getting to the place of understanding the songs may require mastery of the Law of Two. It may require the faculty of discrimination between the true and the false.

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