Music Antennas

Music Antennas and the Music Spirit

When I woke up in the middle of the night I was thinking about Darol Anger’s gesture of extending his arm with the bow in his hand, upwards and slightly at an angle. I came out to the front for the usual process, including a small glass of water, and wrote down my thoughts, briefly, just as a reminder, if it was needed. Then, not long after, when I could not return to sleep, I came out and saw the clock say 1:11. The perfect time for this year. (1+1+1 = 3, 2019 = 21 = 03, 12 = 3.) A good time to write a story.

Bow going up, on the way to full extension as an antenna.
Bow going up, on the way to full extension as an antenna.

Here’s my story. The bow is an antenna. It receives etheric vibrations of music. When Darol lifts up his bow he is inviting, requesting,  the Music Spirit to infuse his bow and, thus, him with musical expression to be processed in his brain and returned to the world as a musical performance. The tips of the fingers are sensitive to etheric vibrations. He picks up the signals from his bow and translates them into music performance. By the way, the scroll of the violin is also an antenna. It is a coil antenna.

Thinking about other musical instruments…the French horn and the trumpet are coil antennas. The autoharp is like a bowl antenna and held over the heart, where it sends vibrations in addition to the finger tips. Similarly, the banjo, the guitar also are bowl antennas, with the neck serving as a rod antenna. Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon…all are rod like for their antenna properties. Tympani, like other drums, is a bowl antenna. 

Antennas of the Body

Of course, the whole body is an antenna according to the work of David Hawkins. When the signal input is true, the body antenna is stronger. When the input is false, the body weakens. The signal that musicians want to access is of the Music Spirit, which permeates all of creation and above, even. The more we can come into resonance with that vibration, the better our music will be, more healing, more sonorous, more enjoyable for the listener. Some people say the hair is a psychic antenna.

That Music Spirit enlivens our creativity. It does that naturally, and even helps when we rely on the artifice of combining two different things together to find a third thing creatively. It works constantly to help us. To make a gesture like Darol Anger does inviting inspiration is a small thing but valuable for our frame of mind.

The Truth in the Sound

Just as truth and falsehood reveals itself for David Hawkins in his muscle testing process, it also reveals itself in sound, if we are attuned to it. The medium Arthur Ford said that he could tell when someone was speaking an untruth. He heard something in the vocal sound that told him the speech was not true. I began to be aware of this in myself at one point. I would say something I believed to be true, but it just didn’t sound right. I suspected I had spoken a falsehood without intending to.

There must be something in music also that has the ring of truth or not. We may not be able to hear this because commercial music, the production of the music industry, so pervades our culture we no longer can separate the wheat from the chaff. The best first step would be to listen to acoustic music without amplification. That gives us a chance to really hear the sounds and take them in without the intermediate effect of amplification or distortion. I am also of the opinion that the tuning of C-256Hz and A-432Hz are helpful to get to the truth in sound that we want, or would want if we thought about it.

In short, truth has signals and so does falsehood. If our music can pick up and deliver truth signals, everybody benefits. The musicians, the audience, everyone.

This is the deep end of the speculative pool. I admit that. So much music that is produced in our culture has big money behind it. It may be that the motive for choosing what they choose is profit. But, there may be other motives, too. I no longer believe our culture, our society just changes by itself. There are forces at work that are eager for change. They do not step forward to say “This is what we want.” They use subtle means to create change. And sometimes not subtle at all. (There was nothing subtle about the World Trade Center being wiped out, all seven buildings.)

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