Who’s Afraid of Woo Woo?

Elan’s Woo Woo Back Story

My WooWoo story could begin with the experience I had when I was about six years old. I was just going to bed and I saw a small man-like being at the edge of the wall and next to the door. When he saw me looking at him he rushed forward and did something with his hand hitting my forehead and eyes. This remained a vivid memory for a very long time. There were a few other things from my child hood, but nothing tops that.

Little Tilde the Troll by Chris Alban Hansen
Image thanks to Chris Alban Hansen

When I was about 14 I converted over to atheism. It just solved a lot of confusion. I became a famous atheist in my school. Those students who felt sorry for me then never got the updated memo when I converted back to a believer in God just a few years later. Somehow in between the two moments of conversion I kept trying to reconcile my materialism with experience of psychic phenomena. It didn’t really make any sense to hold both beliefs.

The conversion to belief in God came along with interest in Spiritualism and attendance at a church that held readings, seances, and classes. I was active in the church and was even allowed to give a short sermon. Alas, the whole Spiritualist trip was interrupted by the classic hippy trip. I saw things on that one, too, but discounted almost everything when the effect of the dose was over.

A Short Intense Hippy Trip

The hippy trip drew to a close, and I was glad it did because it was a disappointment. I discovered and was initiated into Surat Shabd Yoga. That may be the most WooWoo thing I ever did, even though it was also the most real. What we see and hear and experience is not something to be made public. But, you aren’t missing out on any big revelations. 

Later I did some serious back sliding, which was not overcome until I did serious emotional healing with breath work and with body electronic point holding by Dr John Ray. Tom Goode had a very positive effect with his full wave breath technique, and Caron Goode contributed valuable insight with her Heart Lodge program. Speaking of technique, it was about the same time I dug into the Sedona Release and Larry Crane’s Release Technique. Along the way I tried EFT, energy freedom tapping, The Work of Byron Katie and other release concepts. They all worked, but I’m what Hale Dwoskin calls a foxhole releaser. I wait until I really need it then I roll out the technique.

While in Recovery

Not long after my profound emotional healing I fell in with the etheric warrior crowd and began crafting and distributing Orgone devices. I came up with a concept that I hesitated to build until I had a talk with William Henry. Then, I went ahead with my construction of the Etheric Calliope. The intention was to transmute sounds from my violin into etheric energy vibrations. After playing with this a little bit I left off because I did not really know what effect I was having on the etheric environment. As a stand alone set of pipes it still qualifies as an atmospheric reorganizer, or chem trail buster.

Way back in 1975 I began reading revisionist history, but until I encountered Miles Mathis, I had barely scratched the surface. Lately I’ve been following the discussion on YouTube of Tartaria and the mud flood. The inner committee is still debating these issues. Then, just to add a higher quality of fuel to the fire, I found Stolen History. I don’t think this genie is going back into the bottle.

I keep up with my home using feng shui. And I have several good feng shui stories, which may make it into published status some day soon. This is subtle energy at its best. No one can say why it works. But, of course, it does and has for centuries.

Channeling Grassapelli

When I was in Toastmasters I often spoke on WooWoo subjects: unconventional cancer cures, subtle energy as a thing that we could really talk about. And I gave at least one talk channelling Grassapelli. My vocal delivery only changed a little, and not by conscious decision. Most of the time I think of channelling Grassapelli in my fiddle playing.

Finally, a few weeks ago, in February 2019, for the record, I started this blog to write about these subjects of interest to me. I’m hoping that others may find the subjects worth reading. And I hope my readers are not locked into a “must be true” and “must be false” dichotomy. There’s so much we don’t know for sure. 

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