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Rabbit Hole Navigation

It’s a meme amongst alt-media, the rabbit hole. Sometimes in writing about a certain topic, the writer touches on an adjacent topic, saying they don’t want to go down that rabbit hole right now. So, what happens when you go down the rabbit hole? “Ask Alice. When she’s nine feet tall.”

Alice in Woo Woo Land, or on the other side of the Wonderwall, (George Harrison album reference). There was also an Alice Through the Looking Glass. When A Man Rides Through, the mirror gets interesting. (Fantasy reference). This sets the stage for what we will find when we go down the rabbit hole. Kansas may go bye-bye. (Movie reference). 

Pop culture has already set the stage, hasn’t it? We expect something mysterious down there. Or, through there, when it’s the looking glass. And let’s allow the mirror to be a metaphor. Spiritual teachers say the mind is a mirror. We see clearly when it’s clean. Not so well when it’s as though through a glass darkly. Smoky lenses make everything dark. We cannot really go through the mind, it’s just too big and powerful. But, let’s say we can look behind the outermost surface. We may see something surprising.

The Woo Woo Rabbit Hole

As I mentioned before, I began using the term “woo woo” after hearing Clif High use it, and I believe I use it in the same way, to denote something that is not material, or scientifically determined, and is mysterious, yet very interesting. And sometimes, even useful. Feng Shui, for example. Astrology, for another. Numerology, and that’s enough for right now. Useful. Not scientific. Not physical. Mysterious.

Surveying the landscape beyond the Wonderwall, as I have for a very long time, I’m confronted by a need to choose between two hypotheses. This concerns how we know what’s happening in the world of events and explanations.

As I write this, I recall an article I looked at online just a while ago. The Chief Architect, or former Chief Architect of the Notre Dame Cathedral, explained in detail why it could not have been and electrical short that started the fire. He also postulated that there had to be an accelerant for the fire to spread to the old fire resistant oaks so quickly. Apparently he did not get the memo. Not with the official explanation, which was promulgated before the investigation.

This led me to ask myself, and everyone else in the room with me at the time, Do the people who put out the official explanation know ahead of time it will be controversial and tend to stir up chaos? Or, do they have severely incomplete control of the narrative? In the first case, the powers that be, (the PTBs), want as much chaos as they can get to loosen culture up for the slaughter to come. In the second case they want to tamp down civil strife based on, Okay, who started the fire?

Rabbit Hole Intelligence

If you saw the Worricker trilogy, three well produced movies featuring excellent British and American actors, you saw that scene where the character played by Christopher Walken, an American CIA agent, talks about the Intelligence Community.

When I watched this I did not know that it really is a branch of our government. Well, somebody’s government. He says more than 200,000 people are involved, spread through 16 agencies with 30,000 private contractors. (That likely understated it then, and certainly understates it now). And says, “They still call it the Intelligence Community (laughs). I don’t think so.” It’s a great little scene which I have enjoyed every time.

And that’s a good point. How many people are actively on payroll to do intelligence work? We have no idea. And it’s likely that many of them are working hard to influence others. Sometimes specific people. Sometimes a group or organization.

Which reminds me of a scene in I Led Three Lives, a way back drama on broadcast TV. (During the black and white era.) The scene showed how communists used a specific tactic to gain control or influence over a group or organization. The tactic was to install party members in an audience where a hearing was being held. One would offer an opinion. Then, the other, not seated nearby, would back it up. Then, another. Pretty soon you had primitive social proof rolling right along.

Where Can You Go in This Rabbit Hole?

So, where does the rabbit hole really lead? I see it going towards historical revision often enough. Sometimes the history is just a few days ago. As compared to revising what we believe about Watergate, it’s just a matter of how much time has passed. The indictment of official sources is the same. 

It may start moving more towards the spirituality side of woo woo. I see this with Les Visible, who I have followed for a long time, marveling at his ability to turn a phrase. Sometimes I might characterize my writing as Les Visible with a reduction in the hot sauce. I would emulate his style if it was easy. But it’s easiest just being myself. No use apologizing. What you read is the best I got.

Mostly the rabbit  hole leads to alternate explanations of what purports to be the news. Potentially it could lead to introversion, self exploration and wonderful insight into who we really are.

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