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Symbolic Thinking in Astrology

Today’s exercise in astrological thinking began with a reference to his previous day’s far cast about the Etruscans. They thought of everything as alive. (Making them vitalists.)

Then he brought up the chart of the moment. He called it a bowl with a chip in it. There was his talk about quarterbacks and astrology. The influence of the firey moon conjunct with Mars. He asked for keywords. I gave my  KW as Moon conjunct Mars trine Venus: Fire Up the Anima. And the same square Saturn-Mercury conjunction: The Anti-Sex League. His KW were  Sun in Cap at 22° Build the Perfect Beast. He referred to 22 as the numerology master builder number. Moon in Aries 5° Water Raging, referring to the Mars conjunction. Mercury in 11° Cap: Timeless Teachings. The 11 ties in to the 22.

For events he had an image of the aftermath of an explosion in Paris, which may have been a gas leaking accident. And reminded us that the yellow vest movement began as a rejection of higher fuel taxes. These were hitting the suburban people more than urban. And suburban life means true node in Cancer, whereas urban life is Capricorn with the south node. Resentment towards  imigrants is also a Cancer influence. And today the Yellow Vests are withdrawing their money from banks.

Sabian symbol for 22° Cap: Accepting Defeat Gracefully. and 23° a Soldier receives two medals for bravery in combat. Robert related this to Pres. Trump’s situation with the Democrats blocking his border work. Saying if Trump can accept defeat gracefully he will gain. (And it would appear he accepted the delay in this project.)

a man Pokes his head from one level to the next
Poking ones head from one level to the next

Ascending Levels of Interpretation:

1 Event Cannon–something happens. The event is like a raw thing. It has to be understood.

2 Surface level–the narrative or nominal anecdote that explains what happened. Example, the explosion in Paris. The headline of the event.

3 Emotional level–reaction or response in the emotional life of the person sorting things out. Most people stop at this level. Robert considers them stuck at that level.

4 Mental level–Put things together. Connect the dots. Uranus going into Aries pushed people in this direction. We need to justify our emotions, structure our emotions.

5 Symbolic level–Trump is a symbol of chaos. He’s not a President, he’s Nimrod, a builder. Sean Hannity called him “a disruptor.” At this point there was a reference and recommendation of “The Century of the Self” by Adam Curtis. (a video apparently.)

6 Allegorical–the story told by the symbols. Something about reaching up to the ineffable, not having words, the symbols may be beyond words.

7 Metaphoric level–Alchemy. Something becomes something else. Magical. Reference Marcel du Champs who found a wine rack washed up on a beach and saw something symbolic and magical in it. He put it in an art gallery and art continued going down hill.

8 Numinous–no language for it. Nothing else to say.

9 Beyond thought.

The Symbolic Level for Analysis Work

He wants us to get to the symbolic and metaphoric levels and work there. See the event on these levels. Move in and out as though focussing on one chakra or another. Be able to plug into levels. Definition: a symbol represents something else. Then he shows several symbols.

Gemini sign, Boaz and Jachin. Handicap sign. Masonic sign. Google logo. Which incorporates 666. Also in show biz.

David Bowie is shown in three characters, Ziggy Stardust, Alladin Pain [?], Thin White Dude from his Man Who Fell to Earth, and his identification with Merlin. MacDonald’s Golden arches are two golden breasts offering succor and sustenance. He credits Bernays for this logo. Then, an Egg. [I thought egg of Brahmand.] Bernays was also responsible for cake mixes requiring an egg to be added. To give women a role in making or creating the cake. Connect to fertility.

The last is the Twin Towers, the ruling icon and symbol of our time. The replacement is one building which has just had a sculpture put next to it. Moving on he brings up Jeff Bezos, whose romance with Lauren Sanchez signals the break up of his marriage and possible division of his fortune. Referring also to dorky text messages and sending an image of his private parts. They were seen dining at The Felix. Which has the appearance of a hypercube inside. Phillip K Dick in Valis had a King Felix, the happy king, the rightful king. And there is also a King Felix pitcher for the Seattle Mariners.

Then he took questions. Answering that the upcoming lunar eclipse looks very hard, lots of squares and oppositions, not much release from the tension. In Leo, the Blood Moon, the Wolf Moon. Royalty–blood lines. Not a good time for hubris and arrogance. Ref Queen of England. Another example, since the Great American Eclipse the country has not been the same.

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