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What is the Astro-Thinking Webinar Like?

When I invested in Robert Phoenix’s six week group journey into higher mind, I didn’t know if this could be a big mistake. Maybe I’m just feeding the mind monster. Or, it may help lift me into a higher level of organization. Or, it may engender a more enjoyable interaction with my webby stuff.

Robert Phoenix, astrologer and presenter
Robert Phoenix, astrologer and presenter

He’s going to start from where we are astrologically, diving deep into the current Saturn cycle. We will expand our thoughts as a group via Jupiter in Sag and wrestle with the gods of the outer planets, and that’s just the start. Here are eight topics he intends to explore.

Synchronistic thought–I personally like to rub two thoughts together and see what comes out. It reminds me of what Coleridge said about artificial creativity. And I don’t mind being artificially creative if the natural stuff is not freely flowing. We may also notice synchronicity in our lives by something showing up which is exactly relevant to something else we were preoccupied with.

Thinking symbolically–I haven’t gotten totally into this since I was strongly involved with the Carolyn Myss material. Symbols, archetypes, icons. We can run all this stuff down, lasso it and bull dog it into submission. Should be fun.

Thinking metaphorically–And while I’m at it I may think synechdocally, and metonymically as well. Maybe I will finally understand completely the difference between those two kinds of metaphor. I should put this on my bucket list, but I can’t because the bucket has a hole in it. These first three tie into each other, don’t they? I am keen to understand the distinctions.

Tapping into higher mind–like Edgar Cayce, only let’s remain awake, shall we? I came to the belief, long, long ago that channelers were not really accessing entities separate from themselves. The were tapping into the higher mind like Cayce, but personifying it and dramatizing it into something they could relate to. I played with this idea for a while calling it Grassapelli. There was some thought to making it a branding play online. And it’s still out there today. But I’m not totally sold on the idea.

Once at a Toastmasters Club meeting I gave a talk as a channeler of Grassapelli, saying stuff that I might have said anyway. Oddly, there was a difference in my delivery. I don’t believe I tried it a second time. Since I am committed to personal integration of all aspects of my self, I am blending Grassapelli into my ordinary activity and behavior. 

Channeling chaos and improvisation–This will be a good one for me. When I took the Kolbe test I came out as an Improvisor. This was not a surprisor. [couldn’t resist the rhyme] As a fiddler I love to improvise. And, yes, I have carried that preference into my daily life. At the same time I cultivate helpful disciplines, particularly those I can do every day without fail. And I would have more of those if possible. 

The power of group mind and collective awareness–I’m aware of that study that showed people meditating together and seemingly having an effect on the crime rate in the area. And I believe there have been more studies in this field. We can have one too. [and a one and a two] I suspect Robert Phoenix has some knowledge of this area that will be worth looking into.

Understanding archetypes and mythopoesis–Wikipedia doesn’t know the word mythopoesis. I hope we get a good definition right off the bat. Archetypes, sure, there’s Carl Jung and Carolyn Myss for starters. The archetypes, in the context of this group journey call out to astrological archetypes for interaction and partnership. Or, maybe, for conflict and resolution. 

Interpreting the dream–wherein we find out what dream we are interpreting. The dream of earthly life that we live, perhaps? How about the dream that is projected by the unseen powers that be. The one they want us to believe, or react to? That would be an interesting study, wouldn’t it? Just don’t ask me to interpret my dreams. I mainly dream about doing stuff, keeping at it, and finally stopping to pontificate to whoever is present in my dream about how things really are. Then, I wake up embarrassed about my egotism.

I began this piece as a journal, but soon realized I wanted to send it to the group leader to introduce myself. And I sent Robert my star chart data. Born June 27, 1943, I was a war baby, and according to Strauss and Howe, the first of the Baby Boomers, a creator of the hippy movement. (Ha!)

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