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Tartars on Horseback…from Tartaria!

Is there anything left of Tartaria except the sauce to be used with fish? That’s been on my mind for several days as I have dug in to the videos describing Tartaria and speculating on what may have happened. One thing the producers of these videos say happened is the mud flood. They see evidence of the mud flood in old photographs. Also, some of the events may have been written about but are not widely known.

My first doubt is that the psyop has taken a small portion of truth, there once was a country named Tartaria, and have added many ideas that have no real backing. They say that the PTBs do not want us to know our real history. I agree with that. And I also suspect that fake history could be developed and released online to confuse the issue even more.

According to standard sources, Tartaria evolved from the conquests of Genghis Khan.

Who knew Mongols on horseback wore a bishop’s hat?

The Widipedia story of his birth and naming is odd. His father captured a Tartar warrior and named his new born son Temuchin after him. This is translated as iron man or iron worker and said to designate a blacksmith. Let’s just go all the way and say that he was Iron Man. As Temuchin he gradually gained ascendency in his tribe and began to expand their reach. His descendants continued the family business and continued conquering. For example, the Mogul empire traces its lineage back to Genghis Khan. (And yet no one connects the dots of mogul = mongol.)

Connecting More Tartarian Dots

Similarly no one connects the Cossacks with….wait for it. If the people of Kazakistan and Kazaks, what country are the Cossacks from? That would be Cossackistan, of course. So far I haven’t seen these two dots  connected. In fact Wikipedia cautions you against any such speculation that they are the same. And I needed that warning because it seems obvious to me. Okay, Cossacks, Tartars, Mongols, they all are pictured as tough guys on horseback. How these raiders evolved to a country is not discussed. The video people are certain that things are being withheld and concealed.

Today I watched another video about San Francisco. The narrator was openly skeptical about the given history. In 1847 the area had about 1000 population. Then the gold rush hit and it jumped to 25,000 in two years. Photos were shown on the video of what San Francisco looked like after about 25 years. It was incredibly built up.There was far more construction than happened in Tampa, (where I almost grew up), from 1950 to 1975. But, there was no gold rush in Tampa. And yet there was, presumably, better construction methods than the 19th century kind.

If You Build It, They Will Tear It Down

Then there was the example of the Pan Am Worlds fair, comparing it to the 1893 Chicago worlds fair. There were many fine buildings that were said to have been built for the fair, only to be torn down afterwards. It doesn’t make sense. Why tear down a perfectly good building? Was it really paper mâché?

The architectural style is different completely from what replaced the old buildings. There were columns, carvings, finials and arches. The style was expressive and detailed in its ornamentation. I don’t see how the move from the romance era to the modern era covers the change. And the buildings look like they could not have all been built in one year. [Confession: I don’t really know what a finial is.]

Related to this is the movie coming out about the serial killer associated with the 1893 fair, played by Leo de Caprio. I no longer believe the historical account. All this information that so challenges accepted history rocks my little mind world too. I have seen enough to doubt the consensus reality, but I don’t know what I believe beyond that. 

The same presenter also put up some charts of how society is organized. He even went so far as to claim that no country is ruled by the people that are native to it. No, they get conquered and lose all their rights. There are a few people at the apex of the pyramid who control everything. Below them are the privileged class, then the middle class, then the workers, and at the bottom are the slaves.

It almost corresponds to the four classes of antiquity: priest, warrior, merchant, and worker. One of the points brought out is how the Finnish language is not an Indo-European tongue. It has a complexity that suggests different classes talking to each other in specific cases or grammar items. California use to be described as an island. Some major geological event may have taken this state away from mainland California. Which, he says is derived linguistically form Kali. The pictures of the buildings of the Pan Am worlds fair showed some remarkable architecture that resonates with other similar buildings in other cultures and countries. And much of this has been destroyed.

If you know for sure what to believe, please leave a comment.

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    Don’t forget steak Tartar!

      • elan
      • February 22, 2019

      The Tartars were moving so fast through Asia, conquering all resistance, they had no time to cook their food.

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