Trump as Nimrod

Astro-revelations about the Chief

Nimrod’s wrist watch is beyond Smart.

Oopsie! I took in this webinar after the live fact, and that was fortunate. I had spaced out, never looked at my calendar, was playing fiddle tunes at the time of the meeting. Robert Phoenix began his presentation with a discussion about how I had said–things would be revealed that should not be easily shared. I was glad when I heard this that I had not been on the live webinar. I would have felt very awkward, knowing that my assessment was based on my own location chart for the webinar. He took the “not shared” as a mysterious psychic hit, and related that to the flub, when he missed the record button. I’ve done that on Zoom with my meetings. Easy.

He reminded us how the session dwelt on Saturn. He asked for any comment about synchronicities, or any key words. An attendee had Saturn, as did her son both in Cancer conjunct moon. He focused on Saturn and children in the chart. And there was a case where Saturn return conjunct Neptune in the 5th house meant a child had to be given for adoption because of addiction.

And by the way, the rings of Saturn are falling. In 100 to 300 million years they go bye bye. Robert asked how this was a news item. And was suspicious when it came from NASA. He said that NASA was started by Nazi scientists brought over through Operation Paperclip. They worship the Black Sun, or pre-ring Saturn. The first sun. Hmmm.

Chart of the Webinar

Then, the chart of the moment. Moon and Sun in opposition. Just after the Winter Solstice. Sun at 0 degrees Capricorn is New Wine in Old Bottles. An example of doing key words. Moon at 1° Cancer: Born Under Fire, (square to Mars.) Mercury ion Sagittarius, Speaking in Tongues. The reference to Robert Graves and the White Goddess came again. Something having to do with poetry.

David Bowie was given as an example of a super strong Capricorn. Elvis was also, and Jim Croce. (Time in a Bottle–perfect Saturn song.) Also Jimmy Buffet with his Parrot Heads Marketing. Our Assignment for January 9th, practice associations.

Quintiles! They divide the circle into five parts. Sun is quintile Neptune. 72 degrees. Bi-Quintile 144. (This is the number of D as a note in natural tuning.) He analyzes it as a place between the helpful sextile and the hard square. An opportunity for solution. A higher release of spirit. Q and Q-anon started on 10-29-17 when there was there was a quintile in the chart.

With Moon as our guide for the next six months (Solstice in Capricorn) until Sumer Solstice, when the Sun takes over….

Enter Nimrod the Tower Builder

 Now, the story of Nimrod, son of Cush, son of Noah, builder of the Tower of Babel. Everyone spoke the same tongue. He was the ruler of the original world order. High Priest King, his birthday is December 25th. (Jesus-Sananda-Emmanuel is September 11th).

Semiramis, a great power like Hera, moon goddess, and Nimrod, her son-husband, have baby Tammuz, after Nimrod’s death, on the same day 12-25. She had predicted Nimrod would return. In the custom of their time evergreen trees were brought into the home and decorated, with presents under the tree for Nimrod or Tammuz. The tree was a reminder of sunnier time with greenage all around.

Trump is the tower builder of our time. What he does around the Winter Solstice…when the Sabian symbol for 1° Cap is Indian Chief Claims Power from Assembled Tribe. Robert had an image of Trump with his advisors when he signed into law the trade, tax and jobs bill in 2017. This year he called home the troops from Syria and some from Afghanistan. Trump’s power is strongest at this time of year.

In another image he shows Trump with Melania and Baron looking at the eclipse on 8-21-17. Trump is staring into the Black Sun without eye protection. (which is not needed at that point.) Does the eclipse on 1-8 signal the end of Q? A YouTube video says so. The eclipse with Saturn conjunct in Capricorn has not happened since 1666. (London fire?)

Tarot Card 16 of falling tower represents Babel. And ego and pride being ruined.

Robert says that old symbols are rising, bubbling up, to the surface. Two brothers, one has one eye, the other has one arm. There is a newly elected person in Texas who has a patch over his eye. And the amputee with one arm is Go Fund Me for the Wall.

Jane Fonda looking very good in image for a purported 80 year old, has Sun square Saturn. Potential to grow and succeed if the struggle is victorious. Sun square Mercury, learning is a challenge, speech difficulty. (Robert faked a speech impediment as a kid to get out of class.) Saturn in 5th house–grow up fast.

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